Madara city

Live the Dream of Madara


Welcome to Madara

We are proud of the Infinite Eye, our amazing City Centre inspired by the Infinite Tsukuyomi. If you are playing Earth2 and you are looking for a supportive community based on shared information, fair exchanges and collaboration, you are in the right place. We welcome new members every day and anyone can be part of the Dream of Madara! What are you waiting for?

Tile-art City Centre

Madara has been the first city born from the Centre. Our Tile-art has convinced players from all over E2 to join us!

Structured City Grid

The City will provide the community with shared spaces, facilities and roads to play and to avoid chaotic environments.

Collaborative Environment

We are forming alliances and projects with other cities in E2. We would love to hear your creative idea too!


Placed between Chad and Cameroon the area is strategic for resources and tiles are rapidly growing in value. Chad’s rich in oil, gold, natron and uranium. While Cameroon has timber, natural gas, cobalt and nickel just to name a few. The border divides the city in two, so the growth will impact less on tile prices and every player will have the opportunity to choose which side to buy based on their judgement. We have a plan to share resources and essence with the community to improve our properties together!


Join Us

We would love to have your skills and ideas shared with us, we mainly use Discord to organise our gameplay. Here are some links where you can find us: